Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Monday, December 08, 2003

Hey everyone. This is my first blog so let me tell you how this is going to work. First of all, this is supposed to help get rid of annoying bulk e-mails to everyone, this way you may visit and read whenever you want, and hopefully post comments. Second, I’m a horrible speller and my time is limited, so please take easy on the spelling and grammar :) third, this will be an honest posting of life and events that happen to me from day to day. Please do not read if you do not want to know the FULL truth.
I'm not PLANNING on anything bad happening, but like I said, this is an honest post. If something bad does happen then I’m going to post it. Lastly, I will/may not be able to post every single day. So just because I skip a couple days to a week, don't get jumpy on conclusions. We may be moving, or Internet may be down, or another million options could have happened to prevent me from getting to the Internet. This is a foreign country everyone, it's not Asheville :) ok that's it; I appreciate your support and prayers for me and the other troops. "We fight, so that you may not have to"

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