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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Hey everyone. Nothing much new, but I had access so I decided to say hey to you all and let you know that things are fine here. We had a lot of mail come in and I got like 5 letters, so that was nice. They say that we aren't getting any mail in tomorrow, so I'm going to go to one of the little Iraqi computer stores so I can get a DV cord. When/if I can get it, then I can save my video's to computer and then I can save them to disk and just save the tapes I do have, plus you can edit them and do cool effects etc. But I'll have to figure all of that stuff out. Well, I hope you all are well, and I'll talk to you all later. Love you all and thank you for your prayers and support. God bless.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Hey everyone. So the last couple days have been pretty common. We heard a few explosions, but by the reaction of everyone, I'm pretty sure they were either controlled or outgoing. I've been trying to get some of the sounds on tape, but it seems like every time I go grab the camera they quit, and I'm sorry, but I'm not about to hope for more. So if you get them...You get them. Well, mail is coming pretty regular, nothing special there. Sorry there isn't more, I know this thing's starting to get boring again but I'll let you know when something cool happens. Oh, actually, I wasn't there, but I'll let you guys in on some cool stuff that happened to a couple guys I was with. They went up to Balad for a supply mission and they got to ride in helicopters. The Chinook. I'm not sure if that's how you spell it, but oh well. Anyway, on their way back they were all sitting minding their business when all of the sudden one of the door gunners starting firing. Then the other door gunner started. Then the back gunner lit something up. One of the guys there said he stood up, excited I guess, to find out what was going on and the tracer rounds lit up this truck that was in the middle of the field. I suppose the truck was firing or about to fire at the helicopter and the gunners were having nothing to do with that. So that's one cool story. But I wasn't there. So that's it. Hope all is well. Thank you and God bless you all for your support.

EDIT: I wanted to add something really quick. I have done what I think was a very good job of "editing" the pictures so that inappropriate pictures do not make it on the site. However, I still caught some grief over a few of them. I want you all to know that I have a problem with censorship at times and that while I do not let the overly offensive pictures on the site, I do not want a bunch of boring shots of us with our hands crossed looking like we just came from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. So, while I'm sure there isn't much problem with the pictures on the net now, I want you all to know that I intend on displaying an ACCURATE depiction of life how we live it here in Iraq. Thank you.

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