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Friday, September 03, 2004

Hey everyone. I'm still counting down the days until I'm home. And while it seems so close, another part of me sees it as so far away. We had the day off yesterday in the motorpool. When I leave there will only be three people holding down the fort (hehe, holding down the fort, get it? Anyway) and one of those will always be on guard duty for the next two weeks. Now see, that's just stupid. They always call on the motorpool to do their duties, which we do correctly and without complaining, which means we get more and more duties. Now when I leave, they expect to only have two people in here on any given day with no rest and still expect all of the vehicles to stay up. There's no way to keep a company's vehicles in top condition with two people. We were having problems when we had six in here. So, maybe when they see their vehicle status drop dramatically, they'll change the way they think about the motorpool and the constant duties we're on. But we'll see. In other news, something kind of cool happened to me the other day. I was on guard and we were taking the Iraqi's back to the gate. I was riding in the back of one of the Iraqi's trucks and there were two other guys back there with me. A big company was about to go on a convoy so there were Apache's EVERYWHERE in the sky. Then, for what seemed to me to be no reason, one of them decided to land right beside us. The two Iraqi's ducked really quick but I thought, "I'm wearing goggles, it won't get in my eyes." So I sat there and watched the wall of sand come flying at me. What I didn't count on was the huge pieces of rock to be flying with the sand. Needless to say, I was in the same position that the Iraqi's were in, in only split seconds. Kind of stupid on my part, but I thought it made for a funny story. Well, I guess that's it. I hope all is well on the home front. Watch out for what seems to be one natural disaster after another over there. I don't know what you guys to tick off the weather, but you should stop :) I'll see you all soon and thank you endlessly for your support. God bless.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hey everyone. So I had guard duty today. Not bad. The guys we have for the new project are pretty funny. Plus I got off early today so are going to start on the finishing shots of our movie before I get to go home. Things here are good. I had a briefing today from the commander regarding R&R and what his expectations are. Just means I'm one day closer. Well, I guess that's it for now. Not much to report. Hope you guys are all doing well. I love you all and I thank you for your support and prayers. Peace.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Hey everyone. I had to go to a briefing today so they could depress me about how many things have changed at home and how everything's going to be different and how I might not have the same friends when I get back and how my family's going to be different and all that stuff. Really, I think change is OK. I've changed I know, so I expect for everyone else to have changed. I guess you just have to start over with the people that you still have when you get back. So, no biggie. Things are good here. Still working and keeping my head down in chances that one day I'll look up and it'll be time to go home for good. It'll happen, soon enough. I wish there were more things going on (minus attacks) that I could report, but nothing's really new. We're in this, get up, get dressed, go to work, come home, go to bed, repeat stage that seems everlasting. But it makes for fast days. The movie is coming along quite nicely. I've watched a few scenes that we've done and just rolled in the floor laughing. So if it's as funny to everyone else as it is to me, then me and my buddies are going to be up for an independent film award. Ok, so it's not that funny, but I like it. Well, that's it. Hope all is well on the home front. I miss you guys a lot and can't wait to see you all. Even if you have changed :) God bless and thank you all so much for your support and prayers. Peace.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that everything is normal. Nothing new really. I'm still waiting on the chance to get home and it's coming very soon. I can't wait. I wish I had more to report. I got some good pictures of where the mortar round landed the other day. The one that landed right next to where we work and right next to where we used to live. So, when I come home, I'll bring them and put them on the web. Alright, well that's it. I love you guys and thanks so much for your support and prayers. Write me sometime guys, I'd love to hear from you all. Later. Peace.

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