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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Hey everyone.  Just so you guys know, I was never planning on quitting the whole blog thing.  I've been doing it for too long, it's kind of a habit now.  I was just making a general statement because I was averaging 1 to 2 comments per post, and one was always from Amy...Not to say she doesn't count :)  Things are pretty much the same still.  I pulled guard again today, not a bad detail, just boring.  But we shouldn't have too many more details anymore because they are almost done with our new barracks.  So that'll be nice.  Tomorrow's a 10-2 day so we pretty much consider that an off day.  We're supposed to be getting our R&R slots soon so we'll know when the next on the list is supposed to go.  I was informed by SSG Watson that R&R shows up on everyone of my posts nowadays, but I can't help it...I'm excited :)  Alright, I guess that's it, I'll let you guys know when there's a change.  Thanks so much for you comments and support.  Oh and by the way, if you have questions, go ahead and post them in the comments, I'm going to start responding in the comments area too.  I figure that may be why some of you aren't posting anymore.  So, I'll do better about that.  OK, that's all, God bless you all and thanks for your support.  Peace.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Hey guys.  Apparently we had some incomings earlier today because they did some accountability checks and such.  I never heard the explosions or anything so it was news to me.  Not much new.  We're still just wasting time until it comes time to go home.  Oh how great it would be.  Some around here think we'll be home for good before Christmas but I'm not quite that optimistic.  But I'll take it if that's the way it happens.  Well, for everyone who's still reading this thing, if any, know that I appreciate all of your support and keeping up with the way things are going.  I love you all and God bless.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hey everyone.  There really isn't anything new here, but a few new things back at home.  We have a guy here that does paintings of any picture you give him, so I gave him one of me and Amy and sent it to her.  Well she just got it and (as I already knew before she got it) it was awesome looking.  I'm trying to get her to take a picture of it and put it on the internet so everyone else can see it.  Also, my dad just got another promotion.  So I wanted to congratulate him.  Well, as much as I'm sorry that things here aren't as cool and interesting as they seem to be on the news, I'm glad they're not.  Hope all is well for everyone else at home.  Thank you guys so much for your support, I know I say it a lot and it may be starting to seem like lip service, but your packages and letters and comments really mean so much to me.  Thank you all so much.  God bless you all.  Peace

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Hey everyone.  So I got to do an open mic night here.  It ended up being kind of like a jam session.  It was a lot of fun.  Really, there's been absolutely nothing new going on.  They are fixing up the base a little bit.  They've started paving the roads.  If you saw my video then you saw how horrible the roads are to drive on around here.  It was probably a good idea on paper, but in 140 degree weather, I'm not quite sure if it's going to work.  We'll see.  Other than that, nothing to report.   I hope you all are doing well.  I can't wait to get home on R&R and see everyone.  But until then, God bless and thank you all so much for your support.  Peace.

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