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My Time

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Hey everyone. I had to go to a briefing today so they could depress me about how many things have changed at home and how everything's going to be different and how I might not have the same friends when I get back and how my family's going to be different and all that stuff. Really, I think change is OK. I've changed I know, so I expect for everyone else to have changed. I guess you just have to start over with the people that you still have when you get back. So, no biggie. Things are good here. Still working and keeping my head down in chances that one day I'll look up and it'll be time to go home for good. It'll happen, soon enough. I wish there were more things going on (minus attacks) that I could report, but nothing's really new. We're in this, get up, get dressed, go to work, come home, go to bed, repeat stage that seems everlasting. But it makes for fast days. The movie is coming along quite nicely. I've watched a few scenes that we've done and just rolled in the floor laughing. So if it's as funny to everyone else as it is to me, then me and my buddies are going to be up for an independent film award. Ok, so it's not that funny, but I like it. Well, that's it. Hope all is well on the home front. I miss you guys a lot and can't wait to see you all. Even if you have changed :) God bless and thank you all so much for your support and prayers. Peace.

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