Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Hey guys. Nothing really exciting today. We basically just packed up getting ready for the big day. I got to talk to a few of my buddies who are already over there and from what I can tell, our mob station (Georgia) is going to be worse living conditions than Iraq. We’ll see. I was also assigned to be the historian of our unit. I didn't know this, but in every unit that goes to a war, apparently there is a historian that keeps track of events and takes pics. Kind of like a fighting reporter. So they chose me, and luckily I have this nifty little journal here, so I’m going to use this as the reporter as well. (Keeping only secret stuff to myself) so you guys will sometimes get a little list at the bottom of the post, that's for my records. Anyway, I’m going to talk to my cousin and see if I can send him pics and maybe he can post them for me so you guys can see the beautiful beach w/ no water. So, that may be something in the works for later. All right, well I’m heading out now; I’m back home today. Thanks for your prayers and support for all the troops and me.

cont. packing for mob

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