Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Friday, January 23, 2004

Hey guys, sorry that it's been so long, but we've had some long days again and I've been really lazy, so oh well. Well first things first, we've had a lot more classes the last couple days. We had a couple on rules of engagement classes then we did some CTT stuff. We learned how to use a PLGR, that is basically a GPS for the army. The only difference is that civilian GPS systems can't use military satelites and PLGR's can. We also learned how to extract from a mine field, and let me just tell you....I hope I never get into that situation. That is a painstaking bend over and kiss your butt goodbye process that I don't ever want to deal w/. The day before yesterday we had to sit through a 9 hour briefing about the country and wow that sucked. It was basically 9 extra hours of uncomfortable sleep. :) Now for the fun news, I went to work out yesterday and felt good and strong and threw up a lot more than I ever have before, took a shower, looked down and noticed something out of place. So yep, I went to the ER and I have a hernia. Fun fun huh. I have a minor one, but I do need surgery. I found out when I'm going to have surgery on monday, so I'll let you guys know. But it's nothing that will keep me from going so don't think that. I'm just hoping i can go w/ my company and not have to wait behind, but we'll see. Well that's it, all I got. Give me comments if you have questions.

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