Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Hey guys, todays pretty much an off day, can't complain about that. I’m going to go down to the bowling alley after the 12 o’clock formation and hang out and think about anything but the army. Yesterday was a day to remember. We had some classes, all outside. One was on first aid, one was on how to throw a grenade, and the other was UXO. UXO is unexploded ordnance. So oh well. Basically UXO is DON'T TOUCH IT!!! Cause just because it hasn't gone off doesn't mean it won't. But the problem w/ it was that I was hurting and it was freezing so when I finally got back, I did nothing but lay and take painkillers. Well that's about it, I promise to try to keep you guys more informed, I’ve been lazy in the past, and I’m still trying to figure out something w/ my pictures. See I don't have the program so I can't burn my pics to CD's. But as soon as I get it all squared away, ill send the CD’s to George and hopefully he can hook you guys up w/ some cool pictures. But until then, love you guys. Thanks for your support and prayers. Peace

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