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Monday, January 12, 2004

So the last three days have been pretty painstaking, but we finally got a good break today. The last three days have been nothing but qualifying w/ our weapons. The first day was PMI which is where we go through and refamiliarize ourselves w/ our weapons. Day two was the zero range, where we zero our weapons to our specific styles. That was fun but the sucky thing about it was that I was the first one to zero. The only one to zero in the minimum 9 rounds. So I was really excited. But then my battle buddy (the person that watches your back while you watch theres) hadn't zeroed yet. So I hung out w/ him for a while, but then it took him a while to zero so by the time we got done, everyone in our platoon had left us. So us and two others had to stay there for the rest of the day. I absolutely froze. Then yesterday we qualified. The range was horrible. Just to give you an example, I fired the highest in the entire platoon w/ only 24 out of 40 targets hit. Yea....terrible huh. I'm not sure what was up w/ the range, but that's just embarrasing. But hey, we all qualified so oh well. We also had to qualify in our gas masks yesterday then wait around and shoot at targets at night. Kinda fun, but made for a very very long day. So now that I'm all wind burned and tired, we finaly got a day to ourselves for the most part today. I keep forgetting to release that address, but I'll get it soon I promise. Thanks for your comments and support. Love you all.

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