Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Monday, February 16, 2004

Sup guys. Another day another task BUT!!!! WE ARE VALIDATED AS OF TODAY!!!!! That’s right, no more stuff to do with training until we leave. Today was cool. We went through the last day of our checkpoint stuff. This guy had a bomb in his car and took off on us so we had to chase him down. Now since these are all actors, we usually take it really easy on them. But this guy wasn't going for that, he obviously loved this stuff. me and another guy had him and couldn't take him down for anything, since we were trying not to hurt him. finally the other guy that had him (which used to be a cop) said forget this and slammed the guy down. it was really fun, no one got hurt, but it was good to have real training like that. so now we're done, some of my family is coming down tomorrow and the rest including Amy are hopefully coming down Saturday for a day. that's pretty close to leaving time, so I’m really psyched about getting to see all of them one more time for the next year. well, that's it I guess. hope you all are having fun, for you coming down, can't wait to see you. goodnight and have fun. Peace

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