Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Greetings everyone. Another day another dollar. There isn't much to report this time. As you can all see, my cousin put my address at the top of the screen, so feel free to send mail. Anything. A lot of people have been asking about things to send and really I have to say that regular toiletries are the best I guess. You know, soap, shampoo, powder, air freshner, toothpaste, etc. Stupid stuff like that. Anything creative that you can think of will of course make me smile big :) Really, it's nice just to get mail period, so if you send letters, they are great too. Just hearing how things are going and knowing you're missed a little makes you feel good when you're so far away. I guess that's it. Other than that, we've basically started our jobs. We go every day to the mail room to sort for mail call. It's ok I guess, definetly not what I signed up for, but hey, it's the Army right? We've had a few explosions around, no incoming I'm pretty sure. But I'll be honest, I'm not getting used to the loud noise at all, it still makes my heart beat fast. I bought a video camera today so that I can record for anyone interested the actual noises around here. Things like helicoptors, mortars, artillery, etc. They really are something to get used to. And there are plenty of cool things to see here that pictures really can't capture. They don't sell the tapes I need, so anyone that wants to send MiniDv's are welcome to also. Ok I guess that's it. Thank you for reading up on my site and God bless you all.

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