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Sunday, March 07, 2004


Ok so we had a little excitement yesterday, since no one got hurt I can say it was pretty cool. Here’s what happened. So we have this little night/dance club thing set up here. I think it's pretty lame, not sure, I’m not one for dance clubs. anyway, apparently someone found a UXO there. A UXO is unexploded ordnance. That can be anything from a bullet to a bomb. This on I THINK was an ied. And ied is an improved explosive device. It’s a device that the middle easterners have come up w/ that we really can't fight back. It can be any kind of bomb, disguised as any kind of object from a coke can to a broken down car, and when you get close to it, they can remotely detonate. But someone found this one and reported it. They cleared the area and set up sand bags all around it and the MP's exploded it (cause the only good bomb is one that has already gone off and not hurt anyone). When it went off I felt the concussion from the other side of the camp. Now it really wasn't even that big of a bomb from what I hear but it was so loud and the fact that I felt it was really cool to me. Well, cool scary but cool nonetheless. Ok but anyway.
Yesterday’s trip to the range was a good one. It was basically a free range unlike one I have been to. It was shot the targets till you run out of ammo basically. Very fun. But it was hot and I was glad to get back. We got off early today since it's Sunday and I have to say, I’m glad for the rest. So tomorrow we gotta put it in gear so we can get out of here in the next week. So I love you guys but im going to leave for now, stay safe and remember to pray, it's the best defense. Love you all. Pray for peace.

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