Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Hey guys. Two days, two posts. Who would have known. Things are going well here. I haven't heard anything new in a while. I didn't my guitar in with our huge load of mail we got yesterday, but my squad leader got his and he's letting me play it. So at least I can get rid of the withdrawl. My mother went to send me some stuff in the mail yesterday and they wouldn't allow her to send it. She tried to send some hand sanitizer and OFF bug spray. They said it was because of the aerosol and the sanitizer has alcohol in it. I've seen personally both come in the mail here so I think it depends on who you go to and how big of puppy eyes you give them, or how honest you are in your contents list, but I thought I would warn you before you went all the way down to the post office and they told you that you couldn't send it. So be ye warned. Other than that, things are as good as they can be, can't wait until I get home, but I guess I have to. Hope you are all well, thanks so much for the mail, e-mails, and comments on my site, I love reading them. Thank you and God bless.

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