Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Hey guys. I need to make a correction that I wrote in the last post. To mail other soldiers here, you'll have to send it like I said, to any soldier, but it will have to be in c/o of me. If you just send it to an anonymous soldier they said they probably won't send it. So anyway, that's all that's happening right now. We got a lot of mail in the other day and worked our butts off, my guitar still hasn't come in. But that's ok, I've gone 2 months without it so far so I think I can handle another couple of days. Other than that, there really isn't much to report. We heard another round this morning, but when you're in the post office, you can't tell if it's outgoing or incoming because the roof is made of sheet metal so both make a huge loud noise. It sure is good to be writing boring messages again, I love it when nothing's going on. Ok, well I'm going to go for now. Thanks so much your support and mail...it's a real morale booster. God bless.

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