Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Monday, May 03, 2004

Hey all. Good news, things are still quiet around here. It's been really peaceful here for a little while and the silence is actually becoming something I could get used to...but of course, never get comfortable. So things here are good and the same as usual. We got a lot of mail in today so I worked pretty hard. It's not a bad job distributing the mail really because it's a great workout with all the packages that get sent. Really, I haven't had to work out since I got here because of how much we lift during the day. But I won't complain, it makes the days go by really fast. I found out something really interesting yesterday...there are dogs here that they catch and test for diseases. Well they found some and disposed of them when they found the Bubonic Plague in them...that's right, the Bubonic Plague. Very reasuring. These dogs come with fleas...sand fleas, that can transfer the disease, so now I'm not even as worried about mortars, but the Black Death. So that's good. (note the sarcasm). Well I guess that's it for the update, not much is new. I'd like you to keep your prayers and thoughts with the soldiers here. We're all lonely and missing our families, but we're getting used to it. Thank you so much for your support...God bless you all.

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