Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Hey everyone. So when I explain everything that has happened recently, don't think that I'm all down, because it seems as if a lot of bad stuff happened all at once. Ok, so first of all we found out that we have to work 7 days a week now for a while to see how it goes. No days off makes for some really grumpy people, but really, it'll make the time go by faster so it's my best friend. Then we had a new guy come here from another unit, so we had to scrunch all of our stuff closer, so that makes for smaller living areas. But that will soon change because he is moving to a new place they are building and I am probably moving into the NCO barracks (not 100% sure about that yet) so that'll make for more space for everyone. Then we got hit for the first time in a while about 2 days ago. They hit us 15 times in a row but I only heard two of the explosions. From what I hear, a couple people got injured and two lost their lives. So you may want to keep their families in your prayers. The last thing that was really bad is that we found out that unless things change drastically (which I believe they will) we only have 25 R&R slots for the rest of the year. Which means I probably won't get to come home for R&R. Now I really think by the things I've heard that it'll change, but I'm not counting on getting to come home for R&R. But we'll see. Finally, we keep hearing about the 3 month extension, and while we haven't heard anything, IF we get extended, then our year pretty much started yesterday. Yesterday was our 3rd month in country. But aside from all the bad that has happened, spirits are still high so I want you all to know that I'm still fine and I just think about my family, friends, and Amy, and it gets me through one more day. So don't worry for me. Thank you so much for all of your support and mail and God bless you all.

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