Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Hey everyone. Another day in the desert. Things here aren't bad though. I can't complain. We got A LOT of mail in yesterday and a bit in today so we've been working really hard sweating off all of the little bit of weight we have left in the non-air conditioned warehouse we work in. I have some good pictures of it but I'm going to fill up a little before I send my next CD of pics home. They have slacked a little since they hit us last, which was a couple days ago, so hopefully that means their done for a while. But we'll see. We are wearing our vests and k-pots anyway, just in case. Well, I wish there were more to report, but that's all I have. My platoon sergeant SSG Keith Watson wanted me to mention his name so it could be on the internet, so there ya go. :) OK, well everyone have fun w/o me and I'll be home before you know it. Love you all and God bless. Thank you so much for your mail and prayers and support. Oh yea. I wanted to mention that I just found out the my sister Stephanie got a scholarship to UNCG so I wanted to say congratulations to her. Peace out all. Love you guys.

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