Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Hey guys. So Blogspot changed their format so I'm trying to get used to it, I know you don't see any difference but it's wierd to me. Anyway, things here are normal, we heard some impacts today but they are the first we've heard in a while. There were two and I don't know how far away they were because I never saw the smoke from them. Things are changing around the barracks. We got new wall lockers and stuff in so we all had to make our rooms uniform and stuff. We got away with it this long because of all the different stuff we had, but now that we all have the same stuff, the barracks look a lot neater and cleaner. It's OK I guess, doesn't bother me at all. I also got packages from my cousin Rachel and my grandma Sheila. Thanks guys. And thanks to everyone who helped put all that stuff in. I have gotten to watch the DVD yet of Easter dinner, but I'm going to tonight when I get back. That was an awesome idea. So I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for sending me letters and packages. You all are awesome. Thanks to my aunt Shannon, I've rediscovered my love for Oreo's. :) All the snacks you guys sent are awesome, so thanks. As for things around here, it's getting hot. Really hot. And mail is coming on a regular basis now, but it's coming in large large loades. We've been working really really hard and something's going to have to change because in this heat, it's not going to take long for us to get burned out. So we're working on a plan, but nothing's coming to mind. We'll come up with something though. Well, I'm going to jet for now. Not sure if that KBR rumor is true or not, but I use military internet so it doesn't matter for me. Alright, God bless, thanks for your support.

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