Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Hey guys. Another day in the desert. I finished my first video, so I'm going to send it home tomorrow probably. Mail is coming fast now, it's getting home and getting here in around a week to 10 days. A lot better than the 21 days it took when we first got here. Today was a day off, but really I'd rather be working. Days off take forever to end here because it's boring and there's nothing to do. Days that you have to work go by fast and while a break is nice every once in a while, I really just want to get out of here as fast as possible. Other than that, things are normal. We had quite a few explosions yesterday. One REALLY loud one, but they were all controlled as far as I know. I wasn't able to get any of them on camera but I will eventually. Alright, well I hope all is well, know that I love you guys and I miss you a lot. Home is right around the 8 month corner :) Thank you for your support and God bless.

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