Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Hey everyone. So a few things new. We found out that some of the convoys are going to start coming in at night. So we may have some third shift stuff going on now. I don't really want that, but at least we won't have to work in the hot part of the day. It'll just be harder to see because the lights in that place aren't very good so I'm pretty sure all of our eyes will be shot in a month. Also, this morning there was some hostile fire at the gate, I'm not sure if anyone was hurt or killed, but I know that they cut off the phones so that we couldn't call out today. So whenever I find out what happened there I will let you guys know. Other than that, not much new. I will inform you guys when I find out more or something else happens. Oh, and I received a package from the Cochran's. So I wanted to say thank you to you guys. You have been so good to me, and I appreciate the support and you working with me when I had to move out so quickly. God bless all of you and thank you so much for your prayers and support. Love you all. Peace

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