Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Hey everyone. So apparently George got my video that I sent copied to VHS so he will distribute to anyone who wants them. To get ahold of him click on his link to the right of the screen "Dirty Greek" and send him an e-mail. Or if you're part of the family, just call him :) Be ye warned though, this is the Army and some of the fellows use bad language despite my attempts to make them behave, but it isn't that bad. Kind of like a PG-13 movie probably. Anyway, not much new has happend. I switched from distribution to the post office. Now I handle outgoing mail instead of incoming mail. Let me tell you, it is one boring job. I'm serious. I could never be a post office worker in real life, it's either extremely busy or extremely boring. No in between. Well, I guess that's it, I'll let you know if anything new happens. But right now, it's all standard. Peace all and God bless.

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