Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hey everyone. So we got hit again last night. Two incomings, and some of the people said they heard the streamers off of it so that makes me think it was a rocket and not a mortar. But I haven't heard for sure, nor have I heard about casualties or anything. We are expecting it to be a hard week attack-wise. The 30th of June is right around the corner and some think that the reason it's been so quiet is because they have been saving up for this week or that day. So keep your prayers up. It's all speculation of course, but it makes since. I'm not sure about the Iraqi's that supposedly broke on base, but they are letting the other Iraqi's on base again to work, so I guess it was either not true or they caught them. But I'm pretty sure it was true because SSG Byrd, my squad leader, said he woke up late one night and there were soldiers everywhere running around with flashlights. That's definetly not normal. So who knows, I'm only here, no reason to keep me informed. But I guess that's it, hope all is well. Thank you so much for your support and your prayers, they are appreciated. God bless.

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