Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Friday, June 18, 2004

Hey guys. Not much new. But I did see something in the news today that kind of disturbed me. It was the story about the MP that got killed in Anaconda one day before he was supposed to leave. The attack hit last Wednesday, and he was set to leave Thursday. That's the day they were supposed to leave AFTER there 3 month extension. So after he was already supposed to be home, he had to stay anyway, then the day before he leaves...Boom, a rocket hits the PX and he's no longer with us. First of all, it kind of disturbed me because I've been in that PX. We stayed there for a week before coming here. Second of all, it seems like they are saying "Oh, you went a year and you're all fine, well we'll just see about that, three more months...HAHAHAH!!!" I know it seems like the sick version of what they are thinking, and I hope to God it isn't what they're thinking, but doesn't it kind of seem like that? I don't know, another "thinking" spell. But all of your prayers are what keep me safe, and I appreciate it. So, since there's nothing going on right now, I thought I'd go on a tangent. But I'm finished now. I hope you all are well and keep your prayers going, I need all I can get. God bless.

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