Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Friday, July 16, 2004

Hey everyone.  Not that much new.  Things have pretty much been the same around here.  There was an open mic night tonight where I was going to try to gain back some of my dignity from getting booed off stage, but when we showed up we found out  you have to be in a certain uniform, and one of the people with us wasn't in the right uniform.  So we had to leave.  But it's ok, it's going on tomorrow night too so we're going to go and enjoy then.  I sent some videos to my mother and father and Amy.  So when they show up, you guys can probably con them into copies if you want them.  They are videos of me telling stories of things that have happened since I've been here and one video of me playing guitar.  I also sent pictures with the one that went to Amy so there should be new pictures up in a couple of weeks or however long it takes for the CD to get to the states.  Well, that's it.  I appreciate all of your support.  And God bless you all.  Peace.

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