Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Hey everyone. So as Amy let you all know in one of the comments, I made it back from my convoy just fine. We went to Baghdad and let me tell you what. The place I went was so beautiful. They had a huge lake with a palace on it. And this thing was gorgeous. I have to hand it to Saddam, he at least had great taste in architecture. They had lake side housing...Probably for the high ranking officers. But the convoy was 99% uneventful. Before we left, reports came in that three IED's had gone off in the last hour and a large barrel of oil had been spilled on the highway coming back home on purpose and caused a tanker to flip over. So right away I was psyched...Not! We got there just fine but right before we left again we heard report that the highway was finally all cleaned up from the spill. Well when we got there, there was an iraqi police car making us go another route. This was a little spooky. Then when we got on the road that we had turned on, two transfer trucks were stopped in the middle of the road. Now this freaked me out because the first thing I thought was ambush. They were going to get us stopped then attack. But our lead vehicle jumped the median, so I followed of course, and when we got to the other side of the trucks, we saw that there was a military escort. So it was nothing. But it still scared me a little. But we got back with no attacks, and that made for a very happy night. Other than that, not much new. We had to say goodbye to some good guys that had to move down to Baghdad, but we'll see them again when we all leave. That's it, thanks so much for your support and God bless. Later

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