Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hey everyone. So we've had an interesting couple of days since I've written you. First of all two days ago we got attacked. I think it was 5 different attacks but I'm not sure if they were mortars or rockets or what. We've had about 10 accountability checks in the last two days. No one was killed in the attacks that I know of, but a really sad thing did happen. A soldier was killed here a couple days ago because he was hit with another vehicle that was backing up without a ground guide. Because of constant noise and armored vehicles that make it impossible to see behind you, the Army has a regulation that all soldiers must have a person standing behind them guiding them while they back up so not to cause injury and damage. This particular soldier thought he was above the law and backed into another person penning him against a tank. The soldier penned was killed. It's a horrible horrible thing, but it happened. Now this soldier's family has to suffer because of someone's stupid mistake. It's a tragedy. So please keep that soldier's family in your prayers. I hope that the attacks are a one time deal and that they do not start back up, but it seems that they are still random and unorganized. Other than that, things are normal. I'm still working at the motorpool. We got word today that, in the system, they have us leaving on the 21st of February. That's a little bit longer than I had expected, but that is in no way shape or form a hard reliable date. So don't go planning coming home parties...Yet :) But that is the tentative date. I received a box from Mary, my boss from the financial aid office at App so I wanted to thank her for sending me those great cookies. :) Well, I guess that's it. I love you all and I appreciate your support. God bless.

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