Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Hey everyone. So the rumor is that the dates came in for R&R but I don't know mine yet. But there are some important things happening when I go home so I'm going to fight to try to get them soon. Then I will tell my parents and Amy so you guys can find out that way when I'm coming home. We had some outgoing artillery RIGHT beside our barracks. It was so loud. We thought it was an attack on us at first so we all go running to the bunkers and then we found out a couple minutes later that they were outgoing. Talk about relief. So I got my camera out and got some great sounds. It was dark so you can't see much, but the sound is definitely loud enough to shake your speakers. Well, that's all the new stuff. I hope everyone is doing well. I miss you all, but I'm looking forward to getting to see you sometime soon. Thank you all for your support. God bless you all. Peace.

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