Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Well, I’m back to Iraq. I had a great vacation but it went way too fast. But let’s face it, I was expecting that when I started it. So let me share with you basically how it went. The day that I left here I flew on up to Balad which is where we leave from. So I stayed there for a couple days and then flew a C-130 to Kuwait. We transported a couple places in Kuwait and then we had to go through the paper work. There are about a million forms you have to sign, you drop off your vest and K-pot, then you get all the briefings you can handle. After that we went through US customs. That was fun. You empty out all your bags and they tell you what you cannot take back with you. I didn’t have anything, but they’re pretty strict. So then I get on a military charter plane, (commercial flight though) and fly to Germany. That’s a 5 hour flight. We lay over for an hour, refuel and take off for Atlanta. That’s another 9 hour flight, good stuff. So once in Atlanta, they’ve already booked me a flight to Asheville so I hop that plane and I’m going home. 2 days of travel, it sucked bad, but when I was home, I didn’t care about it anymore. What was funny is that no one felt the need to tell me that it was flooding in NC. So when I’m flying in I’m looking at all the beautiful green trees and then I see a rooftop sticking out of a lake. Until that moment, I had no idea. You want to talk about freaking out. But I landed finally, and everyone was there to greet me off of the plane. That was pretty awesome. The next two weeks are really a blur to me. All I remember is I had the time of my life. It just went by way too fast. I got to see all of my family, and friends. It was awesome. I really couldn’t have asked for a better time. So thanks to all of you. So on the way back, there was nothing different. Just the opposite of everything coming in. The only cool thing that happened was that I got to sit in the very last seat on the Chinook so I got to see everything outside. It was pretty awesome. Well, all in all I had an awesome time and it let me if nothing else realize that nothing’s changed. My friends are still my friends, my family still loves me, and my girlfriend is mine forever. So it was nothing but a great time and now I feel complete again for a little while. I’m glad to be back, which is to say I’m glad not to be traveling, and I can hurry up, do the time I have left, and get back home. Hopefully for good. I’m not sure about what all went on over here. I know they had a lot of incomings come in on the ICDC side, so they were in uniform 3 for a little while. That’s where you have to wear your vest and K-Pot everywhere all the time. But other than that, the movie’s going along really well and we have a very minimum amount of stuff to finish. So that’s exciting. Well, before I was able to send off this message we got hit again. This one was close to the DFAC. No one got hurt, it didn't even go off. But it was prett loud and the guys sitting outside said they heard it actually flying overhead. So that's kind of cool. Alright, well I guess that’s it. Thanks SO MUCH for the great time. You all are all the family and friends, and of course, girlfriend I could ask for. God bless, and I’ll talk to you all later. Peace.

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