Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hey everyone. So for the next week I have to guard an Iraqi guy that's cleaning a huge trash pile out side of distro. Not that bad of a job, just boring. I can get used to anything though. I got burned a little bit today, but it's not bad here. When you get burned here, it goes in the next morning. Sunburn just isn't bad here for some reason.

I'm still getting used to everything. My buddy left yesterday for R&R so now I have the trailer all to myself for the next 3 weeks. That'll be really cool. Whitney and I got A LOT done on the movie last night. We're basically done except for one more shot. Then it's on to the special features. That's right, we're going all out on this one.

Honestly, nothing else is different. We're trying to get the internet in our trailers. That'll be great for keeping up w/ everyone, but it's a pain and it's not very reliable right now. So I guess I'm going to go for now. Love you guys and I appreciate your support and prayers. Talk to you soon. Peace and God bless.

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