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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Hey everyone. So we lost last night in softball, but I didn't do too bad. And it was fun, so that's all that matters. Things are good and have been quiet for a few days, but as some of you may know, the Muslim holiday Ramadan is coming up, so we're guarding up for that, just in case.

George just let me know that there are new pictures from when I was home up on the site now. They are pictures from my father's wedding. I'm not sure if I mentioned it yet, but my father got married to Lesli, a very cool person who is now my new step-mother :) But I wanted to let you all know and say congrats to him. I played a song at his wedding, so there are some pictures of that up.

Also, I wanted you all to know that my squad leader SSG Byrd had to go to Germany for some minor surgery, so keep him in your prayers. I guess that's it for now. Love you all and thanks for your prayers and support. Keep them up. Peace.

PS. Oh yea, I forgot. Geroge put another website on the right side of the screen. It's a good one. You guys should check it out. OK, that's it.

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