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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hey everyone. So what's new? Not sure anything really. It's bee prank central around here for the last couple days. It all started when our 1SG got water boxes and stacked them up on our porch in front of our door so we couldn't get in our trailer. So me and Klinge retaliated by getting Barrett. We put the whole pallet of water on his porch. Then we lied and said we didn't do it, so we all got together and got SGT Barks. We stacked it while he was inside and made it so that he could open his door only to find he was completely surrounded by water boxes.

Then he got me back by stacking water all the way up to the top of my door. But you can't mess with tall people like that. So me and two other guys stacked water all the way up to the roof of the trailers in front of SGT Barks' door. You could see the water bottles from the other side of the trailer, it was hilarious.

But the funniest one happened when we were cleaning all the boxes up and SGT Whitney said he wasn't going to help because he was never involved. We decided to involve him. We got the key to his room from 1SG and put individual water bottles all over his floor. Then we stacked 4 water boxes in front of his door.

So when he went back to his room, he saw the 4 boxes and thought "Wow, what a bunch of pansies. Is 4 boxes the best they can do?" Only to open the door and fine 144 water bottles lined up like dominoes along his floor. That was the best one, we got plenty of pictures and video tape. Good stuff.

Other than us being complete idiots, we're trying to get in the mood for Christmas. It's not easy but we're trying. SSG Watson put one of those cheesy door covers over his door. It's awesome though. 1LT Knight put a small tree and a bunch of decorations in the APO office and I'm putting up a tree in my trailer, but I'm being lazy.

We just got finished with about 4 days of being slammed in the motorpool. In one day we had like 8 deadlined vehicles that needed to be fixed. I replaced the glow plugs in one, replaced the gasket in the top of the fuel tank on another vehicle, Klinge had to fix the oil pan and battery box for the little Ranger Gator vehicle that our commander drives, and more. We still have some stuff in here, but we've worked until like 6 or 7 almost every night. We usually get off at 3. I have to work at the post office on Friday because some of our guys are going to be getting ready to leave. That's exciting to know that we're starting to move out, but I still really don't want to work at the post office. But it's only one day, so I won't complain too much.

Well, that's about it. Hope you all are having fun and I can't wait to get back home. Love you all and thank you so much for your support and prayers. God bless.

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