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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Hey guys. So the talent show didn't go that bad. I didn't place but I didn't get booed off stage, so I can't complain about that. It seems that a lot of people were more mad than me that I didn't place but they are all my friends so I think they're kind of biased. I played three songs, two originals, and one cover. I went to the competition with one song to sing but when I got there they said there were going to be two rounds so I had to try to remember something to play...didn't take too long. Anyway, it was fun so that's all that matters.

No attacks that I know of the last two days. We had a simulated attack. They put a vehicle outside the front gate and lit it on fire to simulate a car bomb. Then everyone on the base had to get an accountability check and act as if it were a real attack. Good training, but in my opinion, we really don't need the training when we get hit about twice a week. But who am I? Just a little ole Specialist.

A couple things I forgot to tell you about. It ends up that my buddies don't have to go on the convoy to pick up the replacements for another company...cause they are already here. Me and one of my friends went to pick them up about a week ago and they are busy trying to move in. Pretty exciting, because even though they aren't our replacements, they are replacing a company that got here right before we did. AWESOME!!!

OK, well I'm gonna go for now. It seems like there was something else I forgot to tell you but if I think of it, I'll do an Edit. OK, love you guys and thanks so much for your support and payers. God bless.

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