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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Hey everyone. So I have great news for you all. As of right now we are leaving our vehicles here. What that means is, no waiting on TMR dates for other trucks to tow ours down to Kuwait, no waiting on them in Kuwait, no cleaning them once we get to Kuwait, it could knock weeks off our time to get home. So we'll see.

We also get to leave one of our connexes here so that means once everyone puts their personal boxes in the one connex that we are taking home, then all we have to wait for is a customs inspection. Hopefully that will be soon.

I still don't know when exactly I'll be in Kuwait or at home. I'm sorry, but that's something I probably won't know until days before it happens. I guess that's it for now. As awesome as it is, I know it's still not solid dates and I know that's what everyone's is waiting for including me. But I will let someone know that can let everyone else know as soon as I find out.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support, I can see the light at the end of this year long tunnel and it's beautiful. :)

EDIT: On a very sad note, my great aunt Dot died on January 5th. I'm very sorry that I couldn't be home for the funeral but I want my family to know that I am praying for Dave and the rest of my family. God bless.

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