Operation Iraqi Freedom

My Time

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you all know what’s going on around here. Things are still about the same. It poured yesterday all day and got our tent soak and wet, but today it’s pretty again, so I don’t get this country.

We have a tentative fly date for the states, but the rest of my platoon isn’t even in Kuwait yet so like I said, tentative. From what I hear it may be snowing a lot in the big ‘ole NC, so I hope that doesn’t mess everyone’s plans to come down and see me. I’m not sure how long it’s supposed to snow, but I’ll e-mail a few people and let them know when the tentative date is so that they can disperse the info to the others.

I guess that’s about it. I asked a buddy to e-mail me what was going on in Iraq so that I could blog that too, but he’s doing a crappy job of it, so I guess we all have to wonder. Anyway, that’s it for now. You guys are so awesome for everything that you’ve done for me this last year; from your prayers to your boxes to your e-mails to your comments. It’s all been awesome and I thank all of you for it. God bless, see you soon.

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